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How to solve date and time format issues?
How to solve date and time format issues?

How to adjust date and time formats in connected sheets?

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When you create a connection with Sheetgo and the data is transferred for the first time, some number formats may arrive differently in the destination sheet. This includes date and time formats.

To make sure the format is correct:

  • Open the destination tab.

  • Select the entire column.

  • Go to the spreadsheet menu Format > Number and select the right format.


This action is necessary only once per connected tab. Whenever the connection and data are updated, the formatting will remain the same.

If you're using Google Sheets and a single or append connection, try the transfer formatting setting.

Spreadsheet settings

It's also important to make sure you're using the correct settings for your time zone and location.

  • Open a Google Sheets file.

  • Go to File > Settings.

Changing these settings will adjust all formatting in your document.

Importing date formatting from Excel or CSV files

If you're importing dates from an Excel or CSV file, you need to tell Sheetgo which format to apply under Settings. Read more here.

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