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How to import date and time formatting from Excel or CSV files?
How to import date and time formatting from Excel or CSV files?

Learn how to ensure that dates and times are transferred correctly from Excel or CSV files.

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When you transfer data from a Google Sheets file, Sheetgo will normally copy date formatting to the destination sheet automatically. If you're importing data from an Excel or CSV file, you need to tell Sheetgo which format to apply.

  • Open Sheetgo and create a New workflow or open an existing workflow and go to Connections > right menu (⋮) and select Edit.

  • Under Source data, go to Settings.

  • Under Date format, select one of the following date formats:

    • 9/26/1980

    • 26/9/1980

    • 1980/9/26

    • 9/26/1980 18:42:17

    • 26/9/1980 18:42:17

    • 1980/9/26 18:42:17

    • or Custom date format

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How to change the spreadsheet settings?

Want to transfer formatting in Google Sheets?

If you're using Google Sheets and a simple (1-1) or append connection, you can use Sheetgo's Transfer Formatting setting. This enables you to transfer numbers, font, cell color, or other features from your source sheet to the destination sheet. Learn how to transfer format with Sheetgo.

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