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How to set up the Workflow Automation Trigger
How to set up the Workflow Automation Trigger

Learn how to enable and configure the workflow automation trigger

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What is a Workflow Automation Trigger?

A Workflow Automation Trigger is a command to run a workflow automatically whenever another workflow you own finishes its run. It enables multiple workflows to cascade their updates into one another without having to worry about wrong data being moved anywhere.

How to set up a Workflow Automation Trigger

In this example, whenever a restaurant places an order, a purchase order is generated. We want to make sure this purchase order is emailed to the owner for approval.

  • First, click on the Automate button in the bottom left corner

  • Now, select the toggle “Run Automatically

  • On the dropdown menu of “Trigger Options” select “On workflow run

  • Select the workflow that will trigger this workflow once it is executed.

  • Click on Save

Now, whenever a new purchase order comes in from one workflow, the restaurant owner will receive an email automatically from another workflow.

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