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How to configure workflow error settings?
How to configure workflow error settings?

Learn how to adjust the workflow error settings.

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When you Run a Sheetgo workflow or update it automatically, the connections inside a workflow update sequentially, in a cascade format, i.e., from top to bottom.


This means that your data is updated in a logical order, which is especially important if your workflow contains multiple connections between the same files. To change the sequence of updates, simply change the order of the connections.

If one connection in your workflow fails, this will have a domino effect on the rest of your connections. It’s extremely important to know when any failure occurs so that you can identify the cause and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If any of your connection updates do fail, you can easily fix this by heading to Failure settings.

Stop execution upon error

If your workflow fails to update connections, you can set up a “Failure Setting” for the workflow. This will pause the connection updates and notify you via email at the time you specify.

You can access the Execution settings window by selecting the gear icon located right above your connections list, in the top-right corner of the Workflow view.


Once you click, simply enable the checkbox and click on Save to activate this feature on your workflow.


How to Adjust Workflow Failure Settings

On your workflow overview, you can start configuring your Failure Settings by going to the Automation triggers window. Start by clicking Trigger Settings.


Now, select the bell symbol on the top right to see Failure Settings.


On this new window, click on the checkbox to enable the feature.
We can also see the options:

  1. At what time this notification is sent.

  2. To which person the email is sent. This is based on whom the workflow is shared with and their permissions.


Once you finish configuring the notification settings, click on Save.

If the workflow fails, you will receive an email like this one:


As you can see, the email notification will provide you with the next steps to help solve your issue.

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