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How to set up the Form Automation Trigger
How to set up the Form Automation Trigger

Learn how to enable and configure the form automation trigger

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A Form Automation Trigger is a command to run a workflow automatically whenever you receive a new submission from a Sheetgo Form, making sure the latest data collected is sent to all the right places within your workflow.

This feature only works with Sheetgo forms connected to the workflow you want to set the trigger on.

How to set up a Form Automation Trigger

To set up this type of trigger you first need to open the workflow. On the sidebar find the Trigger icon and click on it to open the Triggers menu and turn on the Run automatically option.

On the Triggers option dropdown select the On form submission option.

If you have multiple forms inside your workflow select which one will be used to trigger the workflow. You can set the workflow to run whenever a single form is submitted or if any forms are submitted.

When you are done click on Save changes. Now your workflow will run automatically every time a new submission is made on the form you've selected. And you can still run the workflow manually if necessary.

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