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How to manage, reorder, recover, and create workflow folders?
How to manage, reorder, recover, and create workflow folders?

Learn how to manage, reorder, recover and create a workflow folder.

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When you create a new workflow, it will appear in your workspace inside the Sheetgo web app. From your workspace, you can create workflow folders, re-order workflows, add a workflow to your Favorites list, and search for workflows.

Create workflow folders

  • Click on the folder icon to create a new folder.

  • Choose a name for the new folder and click Create.

  • The folder will appear immediately in your workspace.

  • If you already have existing workflows, to move them into the folder just drag and drop them inside the folder you have just created.

  • Click on the folder to open and view the workflows inside.

  • If you no longer need the folder, click on the menu () next to the folder name and click delete.

Please note: Before you delete, make sure to check that the folder doesn’t contain any other workflows you might want to keep. Read below to find out How to recover your deleted or archived workflows.

How to re-order workflows

If you want to change the order of your workflows inside your Workspace, follow these steps:

  • Click on the workflow.

  • Drag and drop in the preferred location.

  • Repeat this process for other workflows.

To re-order workflows inside a folder, follow the exact same steps.

How to add to Favorites

To mark a workflow as a Favorite, carry out the following:

  • Hover over the workflow.

  • Click on the Add to Favorites (⭐) icon that appears at the bottom-right corner of the workflow.


This will automatically add the workflow to the Favorites list. This means that all of your favorite workflows will appear first in your Workspace.

How to search for a workflow

You can use the search bar in the Workspace to quickly locate a workflow:

  • Click the Search Workflows icon (🔍) located to the right of the My workspace title.

  • Enter the name of the workflow you are searching for.

  • All matching results will appear immediately.

How to recover an archived workflow

You can restore any workflow that has been archived up to the last 90 days:

  • Click on your profile picture, placed in the bottom-left corner, and select Manage Account.

  • Scroll down to the Archived workflows section, and click on the Manage archived workflows button.

  • On this new screen, you can see the last time the workflow was modified, the name of the workflow, the number of connections, and the Restore button on the far right.

  • Click Restore on the workflow you wish to restore.

Your workflow should now reappear in your workspace area.

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