How can I duplicate a workflow?

Learn how to copy a workflow, including all the connections and connected files.

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A workflow is a set of connections that work together to carry out a specific process. You can duplicate the entire workflow to reuse it in a different department or with a different client.

It can also be useful to duplicate a workflow if you want to experiment or test out some changes to the system. Duplicating the workflow saves you time as you don't need to create all the connections from scratch.

How to duplicate a workflow?

  1. Open the Sheetgo web app and find the workflow you want to duplicate.

  2. Click on the menu (โ‹ฎ) and select Duplicate workflow.

  3. Rename the workflow and the files. By default, the duplicated workflow and spreadsheets are named "Copy of (original name)".

  4. A message should appear "Your workflow is being duplicated, you can keep using Sheetgo in the meantime." Please wait as it can take a couple of minutes.

  5. When it's finished, a new message will appear "Your workflow has been duplicated."

This process duplicates:

1. The workflow inside Sheetgo.

2. All the connections in the workflow.

3. All the connected spreadsheets for this workflow, are inside your cloud storage. The copied spreadsheets will appear in a new folder, ready to edit or share.

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