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Can I use macros with Sheetgo?
Can I use macros with Sheetgo?

Learn about macros and Sheetgo and how to automate your spreadsheet work in a scalable way.

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What is a macro?

A macro is a mini program you can create inside Excel or Google Sheets to automate small, repetitive tasks. When you create a macro, you record a set of actions and then "run" it whenever you need. This can be useful for tasks such as creating a chart or applying formatting.

Macros are scripts but you don't need to "write" them yourself: just click record, carry out the steps in your spreadsheet and then click stop. The code behind Excel macros is Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and in Google Sheets it's Google Apps Script. Learn how to create a macro in Microsoft Excel or check out Google's guide to macros in Google Sheets.

Macros or Sheetgo?

Both macros and Sheetgo allow you to automate your work in spreadsheets, but they have different applications.


  • Ideal for automating small, repeated tasks inside one spreadsheet, such as formatting text inside specific cells.

  • Function inside a single spreadsheet. They cannot be transferred to another file.

  • Perform best when kept to a limited number of actions.


  • Ideal for automating tasks that involve copying, filtering or distributing data between speadsheets, including different file types.

  • Enables you to build a comprehensive workflow that functions like a database.

  • Handles large volumes of data and complex actions such as combining filtered data from multiple spreadsheets.

Can I use Sheetgo with macros?

Sheetgo is not compatible with .xlm or .xlsm files.

✔️You can use Sheetgo with Google Sheets that contain macros.

Macros run inside your spreadsheet when they are triggered. You can do this manually by clicking run or by using a shortcut.

Sheetgo cannot trigger macros but it can be used to connect spreadsheets that contain macros.

Sheetgo does not prevent macros from running, even on connected tabs, so it's possible to use both automation tools in your project.

If you can code, you can write a script to trigger macros. You can convert macros in Excel spreadsheets to Google Sheets by recreating them with Google Apps Script. Get more information in Google's Developer documentation.

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