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How do Sheetgo Forms work?
How do Sheetgo Forms work?

Learn what a Sheetgo form is and references for creating, editing, and adding one to your workflow.

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The Sheetgo Forms feature allows you to input your data easily via form fields. The main difference that Sheetgo forms have over other forms is that they are based first on your spreadsheet, making it the place where you configure its fields and their respective functions.

When a form is submitted, the data is moved to your chosen spreadsheet, where it can be used for other purposes.

How do forms work?

Forms are built from spreadsheets. Each column within the spreadsheet creates a new field in your form. To create a new field, simply type the title or subject of your field in a column. This then automatically transfers the text to a new field in your form.

Sheetgo will automatically recognize the format of your columns and transfer the formatting to your forms. This includes options like:

  • Date and time

  • Currency

  • Data validation (Range of items, Checkboxes)

Try creating your own form, by following this guide on how to create a new form!

You can also adjust your form fields using a range of configuration options. These allow you to further customize your form with special features, such as having a default value that is inputted automatically, hiding a field on your form, locking the field so its content can’t be changed and much more. For a complete list of all the configurable options, check out this article.

Forms can also be configured to have subquestions, that way if you choose a certain option it automatically brings a new field to complement the previous one. You can use our guide to create this system to leverage your own forms as well. Here is an example of how it can be used:


Can I edit a form to add new fields and configurations?

To edit a form, you need to change your spreadsheet. After adding, removing, or changing all your fields, you need to sync the form to update it with the new configuration. For a more detailed explanation of how to achieve this, please visit our guide on Changing and Syncing forms.

Can I share a form with people not using Sheetgo?

By making a form Public, you can share that form and receive input from users without needing them to log into a Sheetgo account. In addition, you can customize the appearance of the form itself so it is unique and colorful. Check out our guide on this!

Sheetgo templates that use forms

Sheetgo has pre-built workflow templates ready to be implemented into your business operations. Currently, there are 3 templates that have the new Sheetgo forms feature integrated into the workflow system.

Invoice generator: The invoice generator template automates the entire process of registering and managing invoices from your clients. The workflow consists of 3 Sheetgo forms to improve the way you input your data; Register client, Register item, and Register invoice.

Inventory with barcode scanner: The inventory with barcode scanner template uses forms so that you can automatically input and scan your item data into your database. The workflow consists of three forms; Register item, Check-in item, and Check-out item, each with a barcode scanner feature.

Purchase order with approval: The purchase order approval template allows you to effectively manage and track order requests and approvals to streamline your operations. This workflow consists of 4 Sheetgo forms; Register supplier, Register order, Approve the order, and Receive order.

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