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How to edit a Sheetgo Form
How to edit a Sheetgo Form

Learn how to edit and sync an existing form.

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After creating your Sheetgo Form, you can easily edit it by adding or changing the columns within the connected spreadsheet. If you want to edit an already existing form, you can do so by following this guide:

1. Open the existing workflow

Head to the Sheetgo web app, and open the workflow where your forms spreadsheet is located.

2. Open the spreadsheet

In the Workflow section, click on the Files tab and click on your forms spreadsheet to open it.
You can also right-click the spreadsheet in the Workflow window.

3. Add/edit the columns

Now you can add or edit new columns as you wish.

If you are planning to edit the format of an existing column, any existing data that has already been submitted via the forms will automatically take on the new format.

What is Sync Form and how does it work?

Whenever you make changes to how the Form is configured, you need to sync the form to update the data on it. To do this open the form and click on the three dots menu () on the top right corner.

Now click on Sync form, this will update the form fields to match any changes that were made on the spreadsheet itself.

Keep in mind that if you click this and it fails, it will revert to the previous version before you attempt to sync and thus can cause some issues with how the form inputs the data into its destination spreadsheet.

Form settings

From inside the three dots menu () you can also update the form settings.

Under the settings option you can:

  • Change the title of the workflow

  • Add a description to it

  • Change the confirmation message which is displayed every time someone successfully submits this form.

  • Add an Advanced sync option that will automatically sync the form every time a new response is submitted. We recommend turning this feature on in situations where the form is set to change the available answers after a new response is submited.

Delete form

If you need to delete a form from your workflow, you can do it from the same three-dot menu () on the top right corner. This will permanently delete the form, but it won't change any data on the source spreadsheet.

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