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How to set up the Form Automation Trigger
How to set up the Form Automation Trigger

Learn how to enable and configure the form automation trigger

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What is a Form Automation Trigger?

A Form Automation Trigger is a command to run a workflow automatically whenever you receive a new form submission, making sure your data collected is always up to date.

How to set up a Form Automation Trigger

In this example, whenever a restaurant places an order, we want the spreadsheet holding all the orders to transfer the data to a new spreadsheet that creates a purchase order to restock that particular item.

  • First, on your workflow select Automate on the bottom left corner

  • Second, select the toggle “Run automatically” to enable Automation Triggers

  • Select the “On a form submission” option in the “Trigger Options” dropdown menu

  • Select the form that will trigger the workflow run.

  • Click on Save

Now whenever the restaurant submits a new order, that information will get sent and start to run the workflow, transferring the data from one spreadsheet to another automatically!

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