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How to install Sheetgo for Microsoft 365?
How to install Sheetgo for Microsoft 365?

Learn how to find, install, and use the Sheetgo add-in for Excel

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One of the main advantages of working with a cloud-based tool like Sheetgo is that you can access and manage your workflow and documents from any computer. To facilitate and be present in whatever routine you have, you can use Sheetgo directly on Excel spreadsheets that you already have, without the need to create a new account. Your connections are saved to your account so you can access them at any time, from anywhere: inside a spreadsheet or via the Sheetgo web app.

If you are a Google Sheets user follow this guide to set up the Sheetgo add-on

How to install the Excel Online add-in

  • Open an online Excel workbook and go to Insert > Office Add-ins.

  • Install the Sheetgo add-in from Microsoft Appsource.

  • Open the add-in and click Start connecting.

  • Create a connection to:

    • Import data into the file from another spreadsheet(s), or

    • Export data to another spreadsheet(s).

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