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How do I use the Identify Data setting?
How do I use the Identify Data setting?

Learn how to get data traceability and see which source file your destination sheet data originated from.

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The Identify Data function enables you to see which source file your destination sheet data was imported from. This gives you data traceability in your workflows, which can be important for compliance and auditing purposes.

If you enable the Identify Data setting, which is located in the advanced settings of the source, Sheetgo will create an extra column in the destination sheet. In this column, you'll see which source file each row of data came from.

Identifying data is useful for:

  • Merge connections that combine data from multiple source files into one destination sheet.

  • Append connections when the source file changes.

How to enable Identify Data

  1. Create a new workflow or edit an existing workflow via Workflow view > open connection menu (⋮) and click Edit.

  2. Under Source, open Advanced Settings.

  3. Slide the button to enable Identify Data.

  4. Choose which source identifier you want to be displayed in the column:

    1. Source file location (folder_name/file_name/tab_name)

    2. Source file name (exact file name)

    3. Source file creation date (date and time)

    4. Source file update date (the time and date when the file was last updated)

    5. Source tab name

    6. Destination file update date and time

5. Click Finish and Save.

If you're editing an existing connection, click Run to update the workflow.

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