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Get insight into the files connected to your workflow
Get insight into the files connected to your workflow

See the details of your files without leaving Sheetgo

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Sheetgo serves as a central hub for organizing and streamlining data across spreadsheets. When you have a workflow that connects data from different teams and people it can be useful to have more insight into the file, without having to open it. You can get this information by simply going into the Details view inside the workflow.

On the left side menu select Workflow view

Find which file you need more information about and click on it. Go to Details, this will open the File Information Sidebar.

In this new sidebar, you can get the Details of the file itself and the connections that are associated with it.


  • Visual Preview: Quickly identify files with thumbnail previews for easy recognition.

  • Access and Collaboration: View details about file ownership, collaborators, and access levels granted, facilitating transparent team collaboration.

  • Share: Share only the specific file you need whitouth leaving Sheetgo.

  • Storage Insights: Access information on the file's storage location and root folder, simplifying organization and navigation.

  • In-depth File Metadata: Gain insights into the file's lifecycle with metadata like creation and modification dates, aiding in file tracking and accountability.

At the moment you can only share files hosted on Google Drive directly from Sheetgo


  • See which connection is the file associated with

  • Check if the file is associated with another workflow

File Manager

To enhance responsibility assignment and oversight, you can determine a manager for each specific file on your workflow. When opening the Detail sidebar, the designated manager is visually represented by their avatar alongside the file. This helps clarify roles and promotes accountability among team members.

Note: You can only assign as manager of a file someone who is a manager of the workflow itself

To assign the role of manager, click on the icon and select the person who will be responsible for the file.

Everyone who has access to the workflow can get this detailed file information, allowing for more optimized workflow management directly within the Workflow view.

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