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How to create your Sheetgo dashboard
How to create your Sheetgo dashboard

Understand the first steps need to use the dashboard feature

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The Sheetgo dashboard feature that allows you to see in just one place the charts and graphs that already exist inside your spreadsheets. Presenting this data in an alternative setting enables you to concentrate on the provided information, simplifying the process of disseminating insights and showcasing results.

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You can use the Sheetgo dashboard feature to create a visual summary of the information present in your workflow, you can also easily share and download the dashboards giving you control over how this data is distributed.

File compatibility

The dashboard is available for workflows that use Google Sheets that already have at least one chart in it. The chart can either be located in any of the files connected to the workflow either at the source or destination steps.

Creating the dashboard

To create your dashboard, you need to open the Sheetgo app. Select which workflow you want to use as the base for your dashboard and open it. On the sidebar find the "+" icon and click on the New dashboard option.

Selecting the chart

When you click on New dashboard a new dialog box will appear. In the left corner, you will find all the spreadsheets that are connected to the workflow. If you select one of the spreadsheets, at the central space of the dialog box you will find a card for each chart that exists in the spreadsheet.

To create your dashboard you just need to select which charts you will use by clinking on the checkbox at the top right corner of each card. In your dashboard, you can select charts and graphs that are coming from different spreadsheets inside the same workflow, with this option you can connect and visualize different sets of information at the same time.

You can check how many charts you have selected and from how many spreadsheets at the bottom left corner of the dialog box.

When you are ready, click on the Create dashboard, at the bottom right corner.

If the spreadsheet doesn't have a chart in it you will be invited to create one. The link that appears on this box will take you to your spreadsheet where you will be able to add a chart to the document.

After that, your dashboard will be created showing all the charts you've selected in a clean environment, letting you focus only on the information that they show.

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