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How to stop a run when there's an error?
How to stop a run when there's an error?

Learn where you can configure the execution setting of your workflow

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When you Run all automations in a Sheetgo workflow, they update sequentially from top to bottom. The sequence is indicated by numbers next to each automation in the sidebar. This logical order ensures proper data updates, especially with multiple automations between the same files.

If you need to change the sequence of your automations follow these steps.

If one of your automations fails, this will have a domino effect on the rest. It’s extremely important to know when any failure occurs so that you can identify the cause and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Stop execution upon error

If your workflow fails to update its automations, you can set up an "Execution setting” for the workflow. This will pause the automation update and notify you via email.

You can access the Execution settings window by selecting the gear icon located right above your automations list, inside the Automations sub-menu on the sidebar.

Once you click, simply check the Stop execution upon error checkbox and click on Save to activate this feature on your workflow.

Activating this alert will stop the workflow from completing its run process and give an alert so you can check the issue before trying to run again.

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