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How to connect an API to a spreadsheet
How to connect an API to a spreadsheet

Learn how you can use an API link as a source on a workflow

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Connecting an API to a spreadsheet has never been easier and faster. Using Sheetgo you can integrate external data sources into your workflow, allowing for a streamlined data process.

At the moment this feature only supports JSON format

To get started, create a Blank workflow or a new automation from inside an existing workflow. On the source step, select the API, HTTP Request button.

A new box will appear where you first need to add the API URL address.

Currently, the API feature only supports the GET request method. Check your API documentation to be sure that it allows this type of access

If it's an open API you can proceed to the Next step. If not you will need to check if your API supports Header authentication, if so go to the Headers box and add the necessary authorization steps, this will vary depending on your API, so double-check to make sure you've inserted the right information.

Please check your API documentation to know how to give access via Headers. If your API does not support this type of authentication it means that Sheetgo can't support this API at the moment.

After inserting your API information you can proceed to the Next step and choose if you want to add a data processor step. Currently, the only data processor available for the API is the Filter by Condition.

After setting up your data processor step you need to move on to your destination. Currently, for the API you can set the destination as a spreadsheet or connect it to a BigQuery.

After selecting your destination file click on Finish and save. Now your workflow is ready to go, Sheetgo will fetch and update the data from the API to ensure your spreadsheet is up-to-date. You can now use the spreadsheet you create as the source of a new automation to increase the efficiency of your workflow and what you can achieve with your API data.

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