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How to publish and customize a Sheetgo Form
How to publish and customize a Sheetgo Form

Learn how to generate a link to easily share your forms and edit its appearance

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Using a Sheetgo Form is an easy way of getting input from other colleagues and even people from outside your company. You can share your form and set different access levels to make sure that just the right people can submit new responses.

Publish your Sheetgo Form

To share your form, open the workflow where it's located and open the Forms menu bu clicking on the Forms link. On the Forms menu find the form you want to publish and clock on the lock next to it.

When you click on it you will receive a message to confirm that you want to publish the form. Click Publish.

A new box will appear where you will be able to set your form access, customize it, and choose two optional settings:

Allow anonymous responses: won't record the personal data from the person who submits a response.

Limit to one answer per user: only allows one answer email, but to submit the person will need to sign in to Sheetgo.

There are four different access level options to choose from:

  • Internal users: Only workflow users can submit responses.

  • Published to invited users: Only specific users can submit responses. The user has to list the people who will have access to the form.

  • Published to domain users: Anyone from the domain (such as can submit responses. Users don’t have to be specified.

  • Published to web: Anyone on the web can submit responses. This is the only option that can be allowed anonymous responses.

When you finish configuring your form, you can click on Copy link to get an easily shareable link. And click on Done to make your form public.

When a form is published the lock icon will turn into a green planet icon to show it's new status.

Customizing your Sheetgo Form

You can change the form's appearance by following the same steps to open the Publishing settings and clicking the Customize tab. In the customization window, you can pick color themes or create your own by selecting the custom option and font styles for your form.

Once you are done customizing the form, click Copy link to get an easily sharable link and click Done to save the settings.

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