How to split into a folder?

Learn how you can split directly into the files inside a folder

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4. How to split into a folder?

When using Sheetgo to split the data you also have the option of sending the processed information into different spreadsheets inside a folder. The main difference between this destination and the previous ones is that here Sheetgo will split data into files, with each file having part of the information from the source spreadsheet.

This destination type is ideal when you want to send sensitive data. Sheetgo can automate this process and share data only with the people you want.

To build this workflow you will need to follow the same basic steps of creating a new connection. On the source box select the file that you want to work with and specify the tab Sheetgo will process the date from.

Now select the Split option on the Data processors box, and choose which column will be used to filter the data.

Remember that Sheetgo will use the information in the column you selected as the guide to split the data. In this example, we are filtering by the color column which has 4 values (Blue, Green, Red and empty), so Sheetgo will separate the information into 4 different files.

The filtered data can be sent to a new folder or to an existing one. When we select to split data in a new folder, Sheetgo will create the new folder and files for each value of the column we've selected. On the other hand, when choosing to send data in an existing folder where a file for each value is located. Sheetgo will transfer data inside each file respectively.

After you set up the connection click Finish and save then run the connection. When the workflow is finished the destination folder will have one spreadsheet for each value that was inside the column that was selected on the Data processors step.

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