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How to copy the split data into multiple files
How to copy the split data into multiple files

Learn how you can create multiple files with the same set of data after the split process

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3. How to copy the split data into multiple files

When using Sheetgo split process you can set it up to send all data into a single spreadsheet, different data into different files, or the same data into multiple files. This last possibility can be useful if you need different teams to deal with the same set of data. By using this type of connection you are making sure that they all have the same set of information.

To build this type of workflow you need to Create a new workflow or a Create connection inside one of your existing workflow.

1. First, you need to select the source file and the tab, make sure you select the tab that has the column you want to filter by.

2. Now select the Split option on the data processor box.

3. Selec the column that will be used as reference when splitting the data

4. On the Destination box select the Multiple files option

5. Now set up the destination files

If you want to send the data into new you just need to specify the file name, if you intend to use an existing file, click on the Existing file option and find the file on your cloud storage. After you add the first destination file click on + Add another destination to add a second, third, or fourth destination.

Since you are splitting the source file you don't need to determine the destination tab, Sheetgo will create the tabs and their name based on the column that was specified on the data processors box.

When you are done you can just save your workflow. Next time you run it, Shetetgo will look into the column you've selected as the reference and split the data according to the information that it found. In this case, we've selected the Date column so it will create a new tab on the destination spreadsheet related to each of the different dates that it found on the source file. These split tabs will then be copied into each of the destination files. Now you can send the data to different teams allowing them to work with the same information without interfering with each other's operation.

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