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How does Sheetgo split process work?
How does Sheetgo split process work?

Understand what you can do with the split feature

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1. How does Sheetgo split process work?

One of the basic processes that you can achieve with Sheetgo is to split data from one source to one or multiple destinations, the split process will need to be added to the Data processors step of your workflow. After selecting the source file, you will select the split processor and then specify your destination. In the screenshot below, you will notice what your split connection will look like.

Please do keep in mind that currently, Sheetgo can only split data into 100 destinations


What does the split process feature do?

The split process allows you to distribute data from a CSV, TSV, Google Sheets, or Excel file. It is useful for sharing specific data with collaborators and for controlling access to sensitive data. Combined with automatic updates, it can be used to generate automated reports or to allocate tasks to team members automatically.

Due to how Excel files work when using the split processor can't set Excel as the destination

How does the split feature work?

A column in the master sheet (source) will determine how to split data. This column might contain the names of different colleagues, stations, stores, student names, etc. For example, Sheetgo will group rows that contain the same name in the column selected and will export them to one destination (file or tab).

Split can send data to a new or an existing file. If you choose “New file” Sheetgo will automatically create the file for you upon saving and running the connection. You can then share each file with colleagues or clients to be managed independently.

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