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How to share and manage access to your files
How to share and manage access to your files

Learn where you can control who has access to a specific file on your workflows

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A key part of Sheetgo workflows is the ability to share your data seamlessly with your team and collaborators. You can do this by sharing your complete workflow with them, but in some cases, they don't need access to all the data on the workflow, just to a specific file.

In these situations, users can effortlessly share and manage access to individual files without leaving the workflow. This streamlined process not only saves valuable time but also enhances productivity by allowing users to maintain complete control over file access, all within the familiar environment of Sheetgo.

To manage individual files access, open your workflow and select the View files.

From the Connections and files sidebar select the file you want to share or manage access, click on the three dots () icon next to it, and select the option Details.

On the new file information sidebar go to the Manage access button.


If you want to share this file with someone else add their email address on the empty field.

Now you need to specify which access level the person will get Editor, Viewer or Commenter.

Editor: Can make changes to the file freely.

Viewer: Can only view the data on the file and not make any changes to it.

Commenter: Can only view the data on the file, but can comment on it.

You can share the file with multiple emails at the same time, be aware that they will all have the same access level that you choose. You can add an extra message explaining what is it that you are sharing with them, and when all is set up click on Done.

Manage access

You can also manage the people that already have access to that file. When you click on the dropdown menu next to their name you can change their access levels or remove their access completely.

Under the General access section you can opt to set a general rule for the file:

Restricted: Only people with access can open the file.

Domain: Anyone in this group with the link can edit the file.

Anyone with the link: Anyone on the internet with the link can edit the file.

After you made all the changes click on Done.

Get link

If you just want to get the link to share the file click on the hyperlink button in the People with access section.

Sharing the link of the file will only allow access to those who already have permission to view it.

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