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How to share a workflow and collaborate in Sheetgo?
How to share a workflow and collaborate in Sheetgo?

Learn about Sheetgo's collaboration functions and how to invite others to edit and update your workflows.

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1. How to share a workflow and collaborate in Sheetgo?

By sharing your workflow, you can have your team or organization collaborate on a project or system. With Sheetgo you can configure access levels between managers and collaborators, or create general access to quickly share with all members of your team or organization (if you use Google Workspace).

If you want to share a single file from your workflow follow the steps in this article.

Sharing a workflow can be a powerful way to generate more insights from the information that is being transferred between the connections.

To share your workflow you need to follow these basic steps.

  1. From my workspace, click on the Share icon.

  2. From the Overview page click on Share settings.

  3. From the Workflow page click on the Share button.


4. Enter the email address of the workflow collaborator or simply add collaborators available on the list.


5. You can now send the invitation with a message so they know what the workflow is used for as well as define which level of access they will have.


Whenever you request access to a workflow, the owner receives a notification from giving or denying access directly inside the app. A similar notification exists to let users know they have been added to a workflow.

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