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How to use Parse Data setting?
How to use Parse Data setting?

Learn how to change the parse data setting when transferring numerical values from a source to a destination sheet.

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When Sheetgo transfers data from a source to a destination, it will identify the following formats:

  • Numbers

  • Dates

  • Formulas

Sheetgo will automatically parse and paste values into the destination sheet according to the format it recognizes.

Data transfer errors

In some circumstances, Sheetgo may incorrectly identify values as numbers, dates, or formulas.

This includes:

  • Phone numbers starting with +

  • Codes starting with 00

  • Codes that resemble dates

Value in source

Recognized format

Value pasted into the destination







If numerical values are being pasted incorrectly into your destination sheet you can deactivate the Parse Data setting to paste values as raw data.

How to change the Parse Data setting?

  • Open Sheetgo and create a New workflow or edit an existing connection.

  • Under Destination > Advanced Settings, go to Parse Data.

  • Uncheck the box labeled Convert text to numbers, dates, and formulas.


Sheetgo will now paste values into your destination sheet as raw data every time the connection is updated.

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