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How to merge multiple files into different spreadsheets
How to merge multiple files into different spreadsheets

Learn how you can merge different files and send to more than one destination

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2. How to merge multiple files into different spreadsheets

You can use Sheetgo merge process to gather in a single tab the data that is coming from many spreadsheets. After gathering all the information you can send this consolidated data into a unique spreadsheet, but you can also send it to multiple files.

To build this workflow you will need to follow the basic steps of creating a merge connection and specify multiple files as your destination. This means that the consolidate tab will be transferred into all the files you specified in the destination box.

Here are the basic steps to build this workflow:

1. Open Sheetgo’s web app, click New workflow, and Create a connection


2. Select multiple files

3. In your cloud storage find the files from which the data would be pulled and click on Done.

4. Finish selecting the file, and when you are done, click on Next step.

If your files have more than one tab, make sure you've selected the right one to merge

5. Select the Merge process

6. Select multiple files as a destination

7. Specify the destination files and tabs

Now you need to choose whether to send the merged tab into new or existing files. You will need to specify the files one by one. As default, Sheetgo will send the data into a tab with a name based on the source file, you can choose to change and if you do a good tip would be to use the same tab name on all the files. When you're done click Finish and save.

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