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How to share your files via email
How to share your files via email

Learn how you can create an email to share the result of your workflow

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After setting up and building an effective workflow, you can take advantage of another Sheetgo feature and automatically share your documents and files. Sharing your spreadsheets by email is a seamless process that enhances collaboration.โ€

With your destination file set, you can Add new step to continue working.

A new step will appear where you are able to choose to either generate a PDF or Share your file via email.

Sending Method

When sending an email directly from your workflow there are two sending methods. You can share the file and send access links or share the file as an attachment.

Share file

When sharing the file as a link you need to choose the recipient access level. There are two options: Viewer, which will only be able to view the file, or Editor, it will also be able to edit the data inside the file.

File as attachment

When sending the file as an attachment you don't need to set access level. A copy of the file will be made to send to the recipient. In this case, the original file will stay intact on your cloud storage.

Please note that you can only send up to 25 MB in attachments. If files are larger than that you should opt to share them as a link.

Recipient addresses

After choosing your sending method you can choose to send the file to a list of emails that are present on your workflow or you can set a custom recipient.

Get dynamically from a column

If your spreadsheet has a column with a list of emails, you can set the emails in this column as the recipients. To do that click on the arrow on the right side of the field and select the column with the emails that you want to use. All the recipients will receive the same file either as an attachment or the link.

Use custom recipient

You can also choose to send the file to a custom email. In this case, just select the Use custom recipient option and type the email address of the recipient.

Reply to

If you expect your recipient to respond to the email you can add a custom Reply to, and add more people Cc or Bcc to the emails.

After setting up the recipients, you can personalize the email with any particular text and when you are happy with it click on Done editing. Now every time the workflow will send the emails just the way that you've set up.

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