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Connect shared Google Drive files to your Sheetgo workflows
Connect shared Google Drive files to your Sheetgo workflows

Learn how to locate and connect shared spreadsheets inside Sheetgo.

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When you create an automations and select a file, Sheetgo displays a list of files in your main Google Drive folder. Shared files (files created or owned by someone else, but shared with you) are stored in a separate part of Google Drive so they are not immediately visible, but there are three ways of finding them:

Search bar

Use the Search bar and type the file or folder name. Sheetgo will look in both your main Google Drive folder and shared Google Drive folders.

Shared icon

Click on the Shared with me icon, this will show only the files and folders that have been shared with you.


Add a shortcut from the "Shared with me" section of Google Drive, and send the shortcut to any part of your main Drive.

The shortcut will appear in your main Google Drive list (just like files created by you) but with a shortcut icon.

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