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What are the available types of subscriptions?
What are the available types of subscriptions?

Choose which subscription type best suits your needs

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All of Sheetgo paid plans are available in two subscription options, you can choose to be billed: monthly or yearly. Both subscription types offer the same features. The main difference is that if you decide to subscribe yearly you receive a 30% discount on the subscription.

If, after you subscribe, you decide to change your billing cycle if just need to go to your account page.

  • To make changes on your account page, go to Manage account > select Change Plan in the Plan and Usage module.

  • Check all options in the summary, especially Balance and Total.

    - Balance shows which payments have already been made for the current billing cycle.

    - Total displays your final balance after the selected changes.

  • Confirm the change you have ordered and save.

You can read more about our plans on our pricing page.

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