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How can I change my plan?

Learn how to change your plan and share transfers with colleagues.

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If you have a Sheetgo subscription to any of our paid plans you can change your plan and billing cycle at any time directly from your Account Page. Or you can also follow the steps listed below.

  • Access your account page by clicking on your avatar/photo.

  • To make changes on your account page, go to Manage account > select Change Plan in the Plan and usage module.

  • Upgrade or downgrade your plan.

  • Check all options in the summary, especially Balance and Total.

    - Balance shows which payments have already been made for the current billing cycle.

    - Total displays your final balance after the selected changes. Note that if you downgrade to a cheaper plan, this number may be negative.

  • Confirm the change you have ordered and save.


Your plan will now be updated with the changes you've made.

If you want to assign transfer amounts to a team member, check out our article about it!

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