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Problems signing in to Sheetgo when using Microsoft 365?
Problems signing in to Sheetgo when using Microsoft 365?

Check this list to find a solution if you can't sign up for a Sheetgo account

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When using Sheetgo for Microsoft 365 for the first time, you will be prompted to sign in to Sheetgo with your Microsoft login details and create a Sheetgo account.

If you experience trouble signing in, please check the following:

Your organization's admin may have blocked third-party add-ins

In some organizations, the IT administrator may block users from installing or giving permission to third-party applications, in order to avoid security problems.

At Sheetgo we are fully committed to ensuring that users' data remains safe and confidential. Please check our Security page and Privacy policy.

If add-ins are blocked in your company, contact your IT administrator asking to add the Sheetgo add-in to your third-party applications white list.

Your Excel desktop application may not be working properly.

Try restarting the Excel desktop app. Make sure Excel is updated and you are using the most recent version. If this is unsuccessful, try reinstalling the Excel desktop application.

Your web browser may not be working properly.

  • Refresh the browser tab

  • Clear browser cookies

  • Open your browser's settings and allow cookies and third-party cookies

  • Disable or uninstall browser extensions such as ad-blockers

Network connection issues.

Check if there are any local network restrictions or proxy settings errors.

Need more help?

Contact us via chat, on our email ([email protected]), or send us a ticket!

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