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How to assign a manager to a file on workflow
How to assign a manager to a file on workflow

Learn to specify a team member responsible for a file on a workflow

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You can use a Sheetgo workflow to connect data from different teams and collaborators. In cases like this, when you have more people working with the same spreadsheet, it's important to have a clear understanding of who's responsible for each file and connection inside the workflow.

You can use Sheetgo to specify a File Manager that will be responsible for ensuring that the file and the connections associated with it are always working.

To assign a manager, click on the file and open the Detail sidebar.

The designated manager is visually represented by their avatar alongside the file. This helps clarify roles and promotes accountability among team members.

You can only assign as manager of a file someone who is a manager of the workflow itself

To assign the role of manager, click on the icon and select the person who will be responsible for the file.

Now the icon of the manager will appear on the top of the file when you are on the Workflow view. This ensures that everyone who is seeing the workflow is aware of who is responsible for each file.

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