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How to retry a failed payment?
How to retry a failed payment?

If you have a problem with your auto-renew here's what you can do

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After you sign up for a Sheetgo subscription your account will auto-renew monthly or yearly according to your billing choice. As per our terms of use, all subscriptions renew automatically. When the time comes for the renewal of your plan Sheetgo will automatically charge the prefered credit card that is saved on your account.

There might be times when the preferred credit card is out of balance, expired or there might be a problem with the charge. If this happens you will get a message saying that the payment failed.

If you need to change the credit card so that the renewal is charged on a different one you can follow the steps in this article.

If the credit card information is correct, start by checking two possible reasons for the failed attempt:

  1. Check if the credit card is out of balance. If that's the case try changing your payment method.

  2. Check if the payment was blocked by the credit card provider. In this case, contact them to allow the charge to be made.

After you check everything go to your Subscription page, where you will find a banner with the Try Again button, click on it and Sheetgo will retry the payment

If even after reviewing all the payment information and retrying the payment you are still getting an error message, please contact our support team at [email protected] we will be able to assist you and get your subscription running properly again.

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