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How to create a master spreadsheet with data coming from different sources
How to create a master spreadsheet with data coming from different sources

Learn how to create a workflow that consolidates data from different sources

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Sheetgo is a powerful tool that lets you create a variety of workflows that best suit your team and your company's needs. You can use Sheetgo to create a master spreadsheet that will keep track of all relevant information from different teams and projects.

To do this you will need to transfer data from multiple spreadsheets and consolidate all the information into a single file, where each tab will reference a different spreadsheet. To build this workflow you need to start with a New workflow and then select Create connection.

This workflow will consolidate data from multiple spreadsheets into a single file, this means that on the source you will need to select Multiple files.

Open your Cloud storage search and select all the files that have the relevant information that you want to consolidate. After you select the files and the tabs that you want click on Next step.

Next, when asked to select a data processor, select Skip. In this example, we are building a master spreadsheet where each tab will have information from a different team or project, since they won't necessarily have the same column structure we won't use the merge feature.

Now, you can select the destination, since we want to consolidate the data we will transfer all the selected data into a single file, we will choose the Google Sheet format option.​

Now we will need to give this new master spreadsheet a name and make sure the file will be saved in the folder that we want. Since we are transferring data from multiple spreadsheets without using the merge option the data from each file will generate a new tab at the destination, by default the tabs will be named after the original source file name.

After you are done with your workflow set up click on Finish and save and your workflow will be ready to be used.​


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