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How to edit an existing connection?

Learn how to change the steps from one of your connections

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After you set up a Sheetgo workflow, you might need to change your connection's existing structure. The source file might change, you might need to change the destination, or even add a new data processor in the middle. You can easily edit any of your connections from inside the workflow view, so you won't have to start a new connection from scratch every time there's a change to the files or the specific needs of that connection.

Edit connection

To start editing your connections open your workflow and select the View Connections option on the Overview page.

This will open the Connections and files sidebar. Find the connection that you need to edit and click on the three dots (⋮) next to it.

On the new dropdown menu select the option Edit.

This will open the setup page of the connection you choose. From here you can edit the Source, Data processor, or Destination of the connection.


To edit your source file, hoover open the Source box and click Edit at the right.

Now you can opt to:

  1. Click on the Change step icon and redo the source from the connection.

  2. Click on the cloud service icon to change the file or the selected tab.

  3. Click on + Add a new source, to have more than your file as your workflow source.

  4. If needed you can also change the Advanced settings at this step.

To learn more about the source's advanced features check out this series of articles.

Data processor

To edit the middle step of your connection you first need to close its destination step. Sheetgo prevents this type of edit to prevent information from getting overwritten.

If your connection doesn't have a data processor you can add a new one by clicking on the + Add data processor icon.

If your connection already has a data processor hover over its box and click on Edit.

You can either change the specification of the selected data processor or click on the Change step to redo and select a new data processor entirely.


To edit your destination file, hover open the destination box and click on Edit on the right side.

Now you have the option of:

  1. Click on the Change step icon and redo the step by choosing a different file format and location.

  2. Click on the cloud service icon to change the file or the selected tab.

  3. Use the + Add a new destination, to have more than one file as your destination.

  4. And also change the Advanced settings.

To learn more about the destination's advanced features check out this series of articles.

At the Destination step, you can also opt to Add a new step to generate a PDF or send the destination file via email.

When you have completed the changes you need to make click on Save Changes.

This will open a new dialog box asking if you want to run to workflow now or later to update the information in your spreadsheet. We recommend running the workflow now to check if the new connection is working as you wanted.

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