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How to turn a spreadsheet into a PDF
How to turn a spreadsheet into a PDF

Learn how Sheetgo can generate a PDF from your spreadsheet

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Sheetgo is a powerful tool to help you optimize all your spreadsheet needs. If you need to share the information from a spreadsheet by generating a PDF file you can do this easily in a simple and direct workflow.

You can start by either choosing to begin a New workflow from your workspace or creating a New connection inside an existing workflow.

Begin by selecting the spreadsheet that you want to use as the source, in this case, we'll use Google Sheets, but you can opt for an Excel file, a CSV, or multiple files. When you are done, click on Next step.

You can opt to use one of our data processors to split or filter the data that is being transferred from the source spreadsheet before generating the PDF, in this example we'll Skip this step.

Now, when setting up the destination part of your workflow, instead of selecting a new spreadsheet as the destination you can opt to generate a new document from it, an email, and in this case we want to generate a new PDF.

When creating a new PDF from a spreadsheet you need to specify where the file will be save, if it'll be on a new or existing folder. If you opt to save it on a New

As default, Sheetgo will save the new PDF with the name of the source spreadsheet.

With the destination of the PDF saved, you can check the Advance setting by clicking on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the box.

Through the Advanced settings, you can specify how your PDF will look with the data from the source file you can:
โ€‹Group PDF files: This feature can be useful if you are dealing with more than one source file. By turning this option on all the data from the multiple source files will be added into a single PDF.

Paper size: If you need to print this PDF version of your spreadsheet you can specify the paper size you want to use here.

Page orientation: You can opt for your PDF to be a landscape or a portrait, depending on your needs.

Scale: Your PDf will be set to 100% as default but you can choose to set to fit the width, height or to fit the page.

You can Add new step to your connection by choosing to share the new PDF file via email. You can follow the instructions in this article on how to share you files via email.

When you are happy with the setup you've built just click on Finish and save. You've now created a workflow that will turn your spreadsheet into a PDF file that be easily shared via email.

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