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How to generate a PDF from multiple spreadsheets
How to generate a PDF from multiple spreadsheets

Learn how to group the PDF from different spreadsheets into a single file

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With Sheetgo you can automate your spreadsheet-related processes in a variety of ways, including the generation of a single PDF document that contains the data from multiple spreadsheets.

To achieve this goal you need to turn on the Group PDF files button on the Advance setting of the Generate PDF step.

Here's an example of a workflow that uses this feature.

You need to start by selecting the source spreadsheets that you want to use. In this example, we'll select multiple files.

Before going to the next step be sure that you've selected the right tabs you want to use from each file. When you are certain about your source set up click on Next step.

You can now select one of our data processors to manipulate the information that is being transferred from source to destination. In this case, we just want to generate a single PDF from the multiple files, so we'll Skip it.

For the destination you can choose first to send the data into another spreadsheet, since we are not using the Merge data processor the data from each spreadsheet will be transferred into a unique tab on the destination file. But you can also generate the PDF directly, and whiteout the spreadsheet step. To do this just select Generate PDF.

Now select the folder where the PDF files will be saved. You can choose to save them in a new folder or an existing one.

After selecting the folder go to advanced settings and turn on the GROUP PDF FILES button. When choosing this feature, instead of generating one new PDF file for each spreadsheet it will create a single PDF where the data from each spreadsheet will be on a different page. So instead of having three new PDFs, we'll have just one file, with three pages.

If you want you can keep editing this connection to add a new step to send this PDF via email. So that every time the workflow runs it will automatically generate a new PDF file and send it via email.

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