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Turn a BigQuery table into a PDF
Turn a BigQuery table into a PDF

Learn how to extract data from BigQuert and generate a PDF file

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Working with BigQuery allows you to have access to all types of data that are related to your company. However, exporting this large amount of data can be difficult unless you are using Sheetgo. You can use our BigQuery feature to extract the data you want into a spreadsheet and use this spreadsheet to generate a new PDF. You can have this process automated so that you always have a PDF with the latest information you need.

To build this you need to create a new workflow or connection and select the BigQuery option on the source step.

Now you need to specify where is the data that you want. You need to choose the Project, Dataset, and Table. Sheetgo will automatically pull all the information from BigQuery that is associated with the Google account you've associated with your Sheetgo account.

After choosing the right Project, Dataset, and Table you can use the Query Editor to filter the data. To do this you can use the official BigQuery syntax to create the statement that will give the right information.

Before going to the next step you can check if the query you wrote is correct by using the validate query button.

After you click on Next step you need to determine the destination. You can choose to have the data sent to a Google Sheets, Excel, or CSV file. In this case, we'll export the data into a new Google Sheets file.

Since we are creating a new file we need to give it a proper name and also give it a name to the tab on the spreadsheet. When you are happy with the set up click on Add new step.

We now have the option of generating a new PDF with the data that we are pulling from our BigQuery.

When generating a new PDF we can opt to export it into a new or existing folder. As a default, Sheetgo will save the PDF with the name of the spreadsheet it was used to generate it.

You can add a final step to your workflow by choosing to share the file via email. Click on Add new step and select email.

You can opt to send the file as a link or attach it to your email. Since we are pulling this data from BigQuery we'll choose to send it to a custom recipient. You can now personalize the email as you wish, when you are done click on Finish and save.

Now you have a complete workflow that is pulling the data from BigQuery, filtering it using a Query, transferring this information into a spreadsheet, and then using it to generate a new PDF file that is shared via email. If you want you can automate the workflow and have the PDF sent every day, week, or month depending on your needs.

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