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How do I split data from one file using Sheetgo?
How do I split data from one file using Sheetgo?

Learn how to distribute specific data from a file to multiple tab

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2. How do I split data from one file using Sheetgo?

When you are working with any set of data there are a variety of ways you can distribute the information. With Sheetgo you can build a workflow that will easily filter the information that you need based on the value of one of the columns on your spreadsheet.

In our example we are using the Split function to separate the data from a Projects spreadsheet based on the Project managers (column E), so each manager will have a tab with only the projects associated with it.


To Split your data using Sheetgo you need to start by opening or creating a New Workflow and then Create a connection.


To create a new connection you need to select your source data. This is the file that Sheetgo will use to split and transfer the information to the destination. Select the spreadsheet and the tab that will be your source material and click Next Step.


After selecting the source, we will go to the Data processors box. Select the Split option and specify which column will be used to filter the data by. In our case we are splitting based on Column E.


Splitting from a Single file to a Single file will create tabs (based on the column specified) in the destination file. On the other hand, when choosing to split into files in a folder, Sheetgo will split data and create a file for every project manager in the destination folder where each manager can then work with the data in their personal file.

To split into a single file, select “Sheet file(s)”


Select New file and Sheetgo will create the destination spreadsheet automatically. Or, select the existing file if you would like to work with an existing file.


Click Finish and save. Run the connection.

Sheetgo has split projects and grouped them into tabs for each project manager in the destination spreadsheet. Apply the correct format to columns D and G. Learn more about transfer formatting here.


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