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Generate a document and PDF from a row on your spreadsheet
Generate a document and PDF from a row on your spreadsheet

Use Sheetgo to create a new document and PDF

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When using Sheetgo you can build a workflow that will automate every step of your work routine. You can combine the different features to build your automated system that will easily take the data from a spreadsheet to fill out a personalized document and generate PDF that can be sent via email, all in a single workflow.

To start building this workflow you need to either create a New workflow or a New connection inside one of your existing workflows.

Start by choosing the source file you intend to use. This is the spreadsheet that should have the data that you want to use to populate your document and PDF. With Sheetgo you can use a variety of files as your source Google Sheets, Excel, and even BigQuery. For the moment we'll use Google Sheets.

Now you need to find the file and select the right tab that you intend to use. When you've set up your source just click on Next step.

If you want you can add a data processor to your workflow, but for the purposes of this example, we'll Skip this step.

We're now starting to set up the destination part of our workflow. We want the data from our source spreadsheets to populate a document, so we'll choose to generate a document as the destination of our workflow.

For Sheetgo to populate a document you'll need a template with smart tags that will be used to track where each data should go.

If you don't know how to build this template document you can check this article.

To generate the document find the template that will be used. You also need to give the document a standard name and specify where the files will be saved if in a new or existing folder.

After creating the document, now we need to generate a PDF from it, click on Add new step, and select PDF.

When generating a PDF you can opt to export it into a new or existing folder. As a default, Sheetgo will save the PDF with the name of its original document. In this workflow, we are generating one PDF for each new document that was generated from the spreadsheet.

You can add a final step to your workflow by choosing to share the file via email. Click on Add new step and select email.

You can opt to send the file as a link or attach it to your email. Since we are pulling this data from BigQuery we'll choose to send it to a custom recipient. You can now personalize the email as you wish, when you are done click on Finish and save.

We've now created a complete workflow that pulls the data from a spreadsheet to personalize a document, that is turned into a PDF and shared via email.

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