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How to set up your email preferences
How to set up your email preferences

Choose the types of email Sheetgo can send you

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​After you create your Sheetgo account one of the ways our team will communicate with you is through email. You will receive emails regarding our features, new updates, and even when automatic transfers fail.

To customize your preferences and determine what type of email you want to receive, go to your Account page scroll down to the Email preferences box, and click on Manage email preferences.

On the Email preferences page you can opt to receive:

Onboarding email: Recurring emails about new features and product updates.

Newsletters: Keep up to date with product news and promotions.

Workflow failure notifications: Get notified when automatic transfers fail.

You can also choose to Unsubscribe from all emails and not receive any email notifications from Sheetgo.

Be aware that Unsubscribe from all e-mail does include failure notifications

Select the types of emails you want to receive. When you are done click on Save preferences, and you're all set you've successfully updated your email preferences.

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