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What the Sheetgo buttons can do?
What the Sheetgo buttons can do?

Learn the functions of each button on the Sheetgo interface

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Sheetgo is a platform that was built to help you streamline and automatize your tasks, in order to get the best out of our system it's important that you know what button to use to get the result you are looking for, so let's take a look at are the functionalities of some button on the Sheetgo interface.

Run and Trigger Settings

At the bottom left corner of the workflow view, there are two buttons that you will be using a lot, the Run and the Automate buttons. The first one will run all the connections inside your workflow. The second one is where you will find the trigger settings and be able to set up an automation to run the workflow.

Create connection, Share, Notes, and Three Lines

At the opposite side of your screen, at the top right corner, you will find a series of buttons with different functionalities.

Create connection: This is the button you will use to add a new connection to your existing workflow.

Share: On this button, you can share your workflow with colleagues, it's important to remember that they must have a Sheetgo account to be able to interact with the workflow.

Notes: You can use this button to create notes regarding your workflow setup and flow of data. This function can be extremely useful if you are working with a team, it's a place where you can leave important information registered for each other.

Three Lines: This button will open the Sheetgo sidebar, where you will be able to find the list of connections that exist in your workflow.

Search, Execution Setting, and Three Dots

Inside the Sheetgo sidebar, which you can find on the three lines button you can fund some new menus and buttons to execute actions inside your workflow.

Search: You can use the magnifying glass icon to search for a connection inside your workflow.

Execution Setting: The cog icon is where you can activate the execution setting that stops the workflow if it receives an error.

Three Dots: The three dots button at the far right of each connection is where you can find the connections menu.

Connections Menu

The connections menu is specific for each connection, this means that any action that you take inside this menu will only affect the selected connection.

Run: You can use the run icon to run only the selected connection.

Summary: On this icon, you can see a summary of information about the connection, what are the source files, the type of connection, the destination file, and the number of transfers required to run this connection.

Edit: If you need to Edit the connection, this is where you will be able to do it.

Duplicate: This icon will create a copy of the connection, with the same source, connection, and destination, that you can edit if necessary.

Move: The move icon lets you move a connection to a different workflow.

Delete: If you need you can also delete just the specific connection that you have selected.

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